Site Launch and Future Updates

My new site is live! This has been a personal goal of mine for 2019 and it feel great happy to finally achieved it 😁

I’ve gone through numerous ideas about how to approach my own website but i’ve always known that I wanted it to be a deeply personal reflection of myself and my interests. After playing with a few Ideas, I settled on the concept of a ‘Fluid’ style that changes the mood of the website depending on the music that i’m listening to.

In case you haven’t already checked, the site is built using a combination of the Spotify API and a Colour palette generator. At regular intervals the website will query my currently playing track (or most recent track if I’m offline) and feed the album cover into the palette generator. Using this palette, I can apply different tints to a single colour for use on the text blocks and apply the remaining colours to the background faceted SVG.

I’m happy with how this ended up, but I’m not finished with it yet! There are still some new features which I want to add with the aim of improving the functionality and overall user experience.

I’ll list my ideas below and update this page as i come up with new ideas / complete existing ones.

Feature updates – 2019

  • Write my first blog post
  • Build a switcher, allowing users to change the artwork themselves of the website instead of waiting for me to change my song
  • Waypoint / Blog nav in heading?
  • Social media links or integration
  • Indicator for online/offline status
  • Fallback if API is down / not functioning
  • Blog categorisation
  • Blog overview / category links?
  • More blog posts!

Bug / Layout Fixes – 2019

  • Single Blog Page
    • Reduce width of blog content to 900px
    • Add 0.9 opacity to background colour on single
    • Cap header max width
    • Headings showing as white
    • Remove margin on <article> tag
    • Add tempo to heading?
  • Home
    • Heading for blog?
    • Blur main album image to not too stark? (10px?)
    • Add colour burn to add a bit more atmosphere